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Beginning with the night that a constitutional amendment banning legal recognition of gay relationships passed in Wisconsin, I became extremely angry and motivated to tackle societal ignorance and bigotry head-on by making irreverent and subversive illustrations containing unambiguous, even heavy-handed socio-political messages.

See details of this image, as well as another version of this poster and more irreverent art, after the break:

Being that it is the primary reason people in America oppose gay equality, religion needed to be called into question; and I felt particularly annoyed that many Christians were parroting a talking point that marriage has always been between “one man and one woman”, especially since the Bible itself contradicts such a notion. Polygamy, levirate marriage, and in some cases, sanctioned rape, are readily depicted in the Bible; and even in the case of one man and one woman marrying, women were considered property and inferior to men. The idea that in the secular United States our modern institution of marriage should in any way be modeled on the archaic cultural norms recorded in the Bible is patently absurd.

The following two drawings are uncensored illustrations from the Bible, from two stories I found to be extremely objectionable: when Lot offers his daughters to a mob of rapists; and when Abraham almost sacrifices his own son just because Yahweh told him to. I made the illustrations explicit to show how gruesome they are:

Finally, I felt I was picking on the Old Testament too much, so I drew the following to dramatize the sexism that characterizes Paul’s writings:

I am a fan of the Silent Hill video game series and perhaps you can see the influence in this piece, and the one at the top of this post.