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The following image is intended for mature audiences.

This piece was exhibited in the UW-Madison First Year Grad Review show. At this time I had been freshly politicized by the passing of the 2006 anti-gay constitutional amendment in Wisconsin, which provoked me to explore explicit imagery and more-or-less unambiguous social commentary.

Cross Section (16 x 20 vector illustration, 2007)

I created this hypothetical textbook page which included a cross section of male-male sexual intercourse, largely as a response to the frequent censoring and ommission of homosexuality and gay relationships in our culture, even in supposedly objective scientific discourse (the direct catalyst for this being a textbook we used in a college level human sexuality course, which frankly depicted male-female and female-female intercourse, but shied away from male-male interaction).

The diagram is more or less accurate, and only shocking because the subject matter is considered taboo. The text accurately describes anal sex as a biological process, but includes additional commentary, such as my angry use of the word “faggot”, which is in turn tempered by mentions of genuine love between sexual partners and the uniting of “souls”. This reflected my divided mind, as I saw education as essential to fighting intolerance, yet at the same time it frustrated me that others were not more curious about the world, and let themselves be guided by myths and stereotypes rather than information about reality. I simultaneously felt the need to educate others, yet resented that I should have to.