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PK: HIGH-RES ART! (part 1)

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Up until now I have only been posting the finalized pixel art I’ve been creating for my job, but a lot of our drawings don’t begin at the small size. We create much of the art at a larger size and then reduce it for export into the game. After the size reduction, most of the pixelated images require more touch-ups and highlights to make them readable on a cell phone screen. Some types of images are easier to create at the small size initially, or don’t need to be all that detailed before the resizing process, which is why I don’t have polished high resolution versions of everything I’ve ever made; but to celebrate the end of my first calendar year with PerBlue Mobile and Social Gaming, I’ve decided to post the high res versions that are finished enough to stand alone as art pieces. I will be posting a follow up to this, with all the monsters I have made.