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I wanted to do something to celebrate the Olympics, but we’re trying to steer away from silly holiday or event themed swag. So instead I did some ancient Greek themed items. I was very busy this week and working a lot between home and the office, and I’m not exactly sure where I put the high resolution versions of these. Oh well, I thought the pixel art turned out pretty well. Our players especially seemed to enjoy the gold olive wreath.


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Looks like JREF created a hoodie variation of the Team Randi t-shirt design I made for last year’s TAM. And what fun to see it modeled here by none other than Chris Stedman, humanist chaplain at Harvard, interfaith activist, and soon-to-be best-selling author once his book (F)a(i)theist hits the market in November!

Cheers Chris, thanks for letting me add you to my portfolio. 😛


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My contributions to our third major GPS-based MMORPG, Parallel Zombies, were primarily in the form of items, menu art and other icon-driven assets. Some of these were deceptively challenging. The character buffs, tiny icons that appear above or below the players’ on-screen avatar, were limited to only a few pixels. It is not easy to render objects and make them readable at that low resolution!