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Our company was founded in October, so we take Halloween quite seriously. This year we had plenty of new items, monsters and challenges released over two updates. I love Halloween and the horror genre so it’s always fun to draw spooky things; and since I also love mythology, I was extra excited that the programmers decided to focus on an ancient Egyptian theme this year.


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We wanted to provide our Parallel Mafia players with some feminine swag options, so I made them a flapper dress and headdress. A feature added for this update was HQ destruction; players can now destroy floating cities known as HQ’s. My co-worker Justin, our resident 3D expert, had created the original model. I got to take the model and (utilizing my working knowledge of Autodesk Maya), rearrange his buildings, and then add smoke and debris effects later in Photoshop. I think I enjoyed wrecking his city just a little too much.