Hello! I’m Ryan, the founder and creative director of Meteo Designs. I am a digital artist, illustrator and graphic designer with formal fine art training; currently working in the mobile games industry and whatever freelance opportunities come my way. My interests are diverse and so is my list of past clients, which features a non-profit educational foundation promoting the public understanding of science; a United Methodist minister advocating for equality and social justice; and a successful tech startup trailblazing in the realm of deep MMORPG’s for mobile devices.

I was born in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My father is a wildlife artist, and my mother was an elementary school teacher with creative tendencies, particularly in music; so being that I grew up in a generally creative household, expressing myself through art felt nearly innate to me. My artistic instinct manifested at an early age, and I have been very lucky to have received universal encouragement from my family and friends throughout my life.

After finishing high school I attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for one year, before transferring to the University of Wisconsin – Madison. While MCAD is a prestigious institution and I cherish my memories there, I had decided I wanted a broader education in the humanities, as well as a more traditional public university experience. I finished my undergrad with a BS in Art, and went on to receive my Masters Degree in Fine Art from UW – Madison.

Eventually I moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue more exciting career opportunities, and to escape the deathly cold of Wisconsin winters. When I’m not working on freelance into the early morning hours, I can be found working out at the gym, watching horror movies, playing video games, and attending comedy shows.