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Lady Knights, my epic three-color design featuring all the most kick-ass women of sci-fi and fantasy!

I had a lot of fun doing this, particularly since I had decided to limit myself to three colors. This was mostly to simplify the design, because I knew a cluster of detailed figures would be hard on the eyes. The limit also just became a fun challenge though, generally I find imposing some limits or “rules” on a project like this fosters creativity, and makes it feel like a game. The figures are presented without face details because I wanted to portray the essences of each one, rather than attempt to capture individual actors’ likenesses, or particular versions of the characters.

I am sure there will be some debate and disagreement over whom I chose to add. Some of them, like Wonder Woman, were shoe-ins. Others such as Sarah from Labyrinth were chosen because I personally looked up to them as role models. I think the design could lend itself to some really fun, nerdy arguments about which characters people would have rather seen, or left out. I also like the idea that not everyone will recognize every character; this could potentially foster group discussions among friends as they try to identify every character and her originating sci-fi or fantasy franchise.


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I had the great pleasure of meeting David and Deborah Weekley in person, when they stopped by Madison on their way from Portland to Boston (quite a road trip!). They were such wonderful, friendly people, I really felt like I already knew them. We had curry and I introduced David to Spotted Cow. 🙂

Full disclosure: I’m wearing jorts in this picture. I cropped them out.

David presented me with a signed copy of his book, which is on sale HERE. As always, I am recommending this book to anybody with an interest in biographies, transgender issues, LGBT rights in general, religion, and the intersections between them; regardless of your own personal beliefs. I have a lot of friends who are atheists and agnostics, so I really want to press this: as a non-religious person myself, I found it completely accessible, and a terrific read. It is a beautifully written personal telling of David’s journey as a transgender man and a minister in the United Methodist Church, we all have a lot to learn from David and Deborah, and I am beyond thankful that I got to work with them.