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Lady Knights, my epic three-color design featuring all the most kick-ass women of sci-fi and fantasy!

I had a lot of fun doing this, particularly since I had decided to limit myself to three colors. This was mostly to simplify the design, because I knew a cluster of detailed figures would be hard on the eyes. The limit also just became a fun challenge though, generally I find imposing some limits or “rules” on a project like this fosters creativity, and makes it feel like a game. The figures are presented without face details because I wanted to portray the essences of each one, rather than attempt to capture individual actors’ likenesses, or particular versions of the characters.

I am sure there will be some debate and disagreement over whom I chose to add. Some of them, like Wonder Woman, were shoe-ins. Others such as Sarah from Labyrinth were chosen because I personally looked up to them as role models. I think the design could lend itself to some really fun, nerdy arguments about which characters people would have rather seen, or left out. I also like the idea that not everyone will recognize every character; this could potentially foster group discussions among friends as they try to identify every character and her originating sci-fi or fantasy franchise.


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Very honored to have been asked to help out with a poster illustration to promote Return to Grey Gardens, starring Peaches Christ and Jinkx Monsoon. I handled the background illustration for the very talented Alex Dakoulas, of Dance Party Massacre. You can see here my drawing on its own, as well as placed into Alex’s completed poster. Fun! Additionally, I was not familiar with the story of Grey Gardens before this, so it was a great experience doing research (which included watching the great HBO film starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange).