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Early on I practiced figure drawing by free-hand copying photos of my classmates and pictures from magazines such as National Geographic.

Valentina (graphite, 1999)

Mexico (graphite, 1999)

Gina (graphite, 1999)

Lindsay (graphite, 1999)

Sam and Jessy (graphite, 1999)

Travis and Matt (graphite, 1999)

Todd (marker, 2000)

Mother’s Day (color pencil, 2000)
*Various pictures of me; I ironed this onto a sweater for my mother.

Wedding Day (ebony, 2000)
*After photo in National Geographic


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Work from high school that was done for class assignments or art competitions.

I won a W. T Graham Youth Art Award for this first one:

Laura (color pencil, 1999)

Athena (black and white charcoal on toned paper, 1999)

Butterfly (watercolor, 1999)

Clear Lake (pastel, 1999)

Cujo (pastel, 1999)

Octopus and Mantis (color pencil, embossed, 1999)

Still Life (acrylic on canvas, 1999)