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You think I’m joking? I’m not. I find this video incredibly inspiring. Why? Well, I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist. I know that’s often the generic, go-to response when you’re being interviewed for a new job and they ask you about your faults. But honestly, for me it’s absolutely true. A big struggle for me has been to figure out how to not obsess over details, because for artists that can lead to overworking a piece, wasting lots of time on a small part of a painting while a deadline approaches, or even being so scared to make a mistake that you don’t start at all and end up procrastinating. So a major struggle – probably THE major struggle – for me as an artist has been learning how to let go; to accept that my best is all I can do; to force myself to stop fretting and just get cracking on a project, and have enough faith in myself to know it will probably work out; and also to pick myself up after a tough break or disappointment. In other words, accepting my own human imperfection.

Watch this video and the way Beyoncé tumbles down the stairs, but then immediately gets right back up and keeps on head banging:

Did you laugh? That’s okay, it’s a natural reaction. But I hope you also felt a shot of deep respect for her as an artist. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and perform in front of a crowd (something that, as a 2D visual artist, I rarely have to face). And to tumble in front of everyone… on top of the embarrassment, there might have been injuries she sustained, which she had to cover up in order to tough out the rest of the performance. I think this video is evidence of a real class act and a professional. The top comment under the video is spot on: “got to hand it to her though for real, she got right back up.” Yep.

If you’re feeling defeated, think of this. Then get back up and start head banging. 🙂


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It’s a masterpiece!! There’s a bar I frequent that has chalkboards in the men’s restroom. I usually draw a goomba from Super Mario Bros. when I go in there, it’s sort of my calling card. Last night, my buddy Austin requested that I draw Toad.

Should I count this as commissioned work for my portfolio? 🙂