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Very excited that The Advocate featured my MFA project on their website! Quite the honor.

I also really love how they worded the short intro they included: “Like you always wanted Classics Illustrated comics to do…” Absolutely! Aesthetically, I wanted to give gay people the same kinds of generic, stereotypical romantic images and tropes that straight people grow up with and take for granted. I researched comic books, romance novel covers and movie posters to get most of these poses.

The calendar is still on sale in a slightly modified version on deviantART.

Funny back story: The reason The Advocate noticed my work in the first place was because of my Marriage in the Bible infographic that had gone viral. Apparently, the odious anti-gay group NOM had commented on it. A friend of mine suggested I send NOM a thank-you card for the attention. Haha! So thanks, NOM! You helped us get more positive images of same-sex relationships into the public consciousness. Hope you are proud of your good deed! 😀

*Some people have been asking about the calendar year. If you buy a calendar it will be for 2013. I double checked with deviantART:

The year will automatically change in July to the next year.

Example: If you submit a Calendar for the year 2013 before the end of December 2012, the Calendar will automatically change to the year 2014 in July 2013.

We currently ship calendars for the year 2013.


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I had the great pleasure of meeting David and Deborah Weekley in person, when they stopped by Madison on their way from Portland to Boston (quite a road trip!). They were such wonderful, friendly people, I really felt like I already knew them. We had curry and I introduced David to Spotted Cow. 🙂

Full disclosure: I’m wearing jorts in this picture. I cropped them out.

David presented me with a signed copy of his book, which is on sale HERE. As always, I am recommending this book to anybody with an interest in biographies, transgender issues, LGBT rights in general, religion, and the intersections between them; regardless of your own personal beliefs. I have a lot of friends who are atheists and agnostics, so I really want to press this: as a non-religious person myself, I found it completely accessible, and a terrific read. It is a beautifully written personal telling of David’s journey as a transgender man and a minister in the United Methodist Church, we all have a lot to learn from David and Deborah, and I am beyond thankful that I got to work with them.


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I was annoyed that the opponents of marriage equality often claim “marriage has always been between one man and one woman”. Of course this isn’t true. Marriage has evolved over time, has differed across cultures, and conversely, many cultures have tolerated or formalized same-sex unions to various degrees. It isn’t even true in the context of the Bible. The Christian Bible depicts several types of marriage arrangements, and none of them resemble modern marriage. This information was taken from, which thoroughly delves into social issues from all angles, and is an indispensable resource for those interested in any issue relating to religion.

EDIT: This is getting more attention right now, and now I’m getting some truly dumb hate mail reprimanding me (I am an adult, people, not a child), because, they claim, marriage customs had changed by the time the New Testament was written, and the New Testament is what’s important.

Now, forget for a second that that’s only one interpretation. Yes, plenty of Christians have not just tossed out the whole Old Testament like it doesn’t matter, and there are rather serious theological problems that arise when you attempt to do that: namely, Jesus becomes pointless since he was supposed to fulfill Old Testament prophecies and redeem humans for our “original sin”, and you just tossed those things out as well, so now he’s just a guy saying stuff; and your god Yawheh, rather than an eternal being, looks like a petty deity who changes his mind about everything once in a while on some PRETTY important moral issues. Slavery? Child marriage? Animal sacrifice? Stoning gays to death? Oh, those things are totally fine… up to a certain point in history! Then I shall decree that it is no longer so! Even though I already let a bunch of people and animals get hurt by those things for centuries. Um… what??).

Not to mention when we are talking about the Biblical world we are really only talking about a very specific handful of people and cultures the Bible is focused on; and the rest of the world had thousands of other cultures, and they had their own marriage customs, and there are thousands of religions on this planet other than Christianity; and in America we live in a diverse, *secular* nation that guarantees religious freedom…

Forget all that. Never mind how utterly tiny these people’s worldview is. They are mad at me because, they say, marriage changed… ***CHANGED***.

Changed. It changed.

Way. To. Miss. The. Point.