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It was my great honor to once again work with the James Randi Educational Foundation, to help with the creation of two of their newest “JREF in The Classroom” lessons. Head on over to the JREF website to learn more about these great, free resources for teachers and students! I’ll just touch briefly on my role as the artist here. The basic template elements, such as the headers, had already been established; I was of course beholden to an official style guide; and I was given a few of the images to work with. My role was to arrange the copy, create the layout, and fill in the gaps with images of my own. I don’t like using generic stock imagery, so I created all the images I wasn’t given from scratch, including both covers. Aside from illustrations, some of the photos were also taken by me, in locations surrounding Madison where I live (the house that looks like a face, and the tree featured in the brain diagram, are in our local arboretum, for example).


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VERY proud to have had the opportunity to work with JREF once again on a fun t-shirt design project. This time it was to celebrate the Amazing Adventure, a seven day cruise to the Mayan Riviera. The design plays with pop culture memes concerning the apocalypse supposedly predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar. I hope everyone involved had a ton of fun. It pains me that I was not able to participate. Here’s to next year!

Skeptic writer and all around decent guy, Ben Radford.

And for an additional treat, the man himself has been wearing the hoodie with the design I made for last year’s TAM:


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Only a few weeks after meeting David and Deborah Weekley, I got to meet another of my illustration clients, D.J. Grothe, and his partner Thomas, when I visited Los Angeles for a vacation! This was timely too, since I had worked on their respective commissions back to back.

D.J. and Thomas took us to the Magic Castle, which exceeded all expectations and was an amazing adventure. Pictured here with us are my travel buddy Mike, a friend from Madison, and our lovely friends Justice and Kristin, whom we stayed with during our trip.

I had such a great time with all of these people, I’m already planning my next visit to L.A. And I really love meeting my clients in person, I want to make this an on-going trend. The latest person I’ve worked with has been Chris Stedman, so I’m thinking a trip out east is in order some time soon. 🙂